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The package contains a large variety of different network datasets (all in igraph format). So far, it includes datsets from the following repositories:

The package includes 987 datasets containing 2260 networks.

A list of all datasets can be obtained with

data(package = "networkdata")

Feel free to add your own dataset via a pull request


Due to the nature of the package (only data, no functions), the package will not go to CRAN at any point. The developer version can be installed from github

# install.packages("remotes")

The required space for the package is ~22MB, given that it includes a lot of data.


  • Please report any missing sources/references for datasets.
  • Many datasets were automatically assembled and may thus contain errors (not all were manually checked). If you spot any, please report them. Check the original sources for any inconsistencies if you want to use the data in an academic paper.