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Species: Camponotus pennsylvanicus

Taxonomic class: Insecta

Population type: captive

Geographical location: Old Main, State College, Pennsylvania

Data collection technique: video

Interaction type: trophallaxis

Definition of interaction: "

A trophallaxis event was recorded when ants engaged in mandible-to-mandible contact for greater than 1 s"

Edge weight type: duration

Total duration of data collection: 1 day

Time resolution of data collection (within a day): 1sec

Time span of data collection (within a day): 20min

Note: Networks represent two C. pennsylvanicus colonies. Each colony was filmed for approximately 30 minutes for 8 consecutive nights.




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Quevillon, Lauren E., et al. "Social, spatial, and temporal organization in a complex insect society." Scientific reports 5 (2015).