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Species: Bolitotherus cornutus

Taxonomic class: Insecta

Population type: captive

Geographical location: Virginia, USA

Data collection technique: survey scan

Interaction type: spatial proximity

Definition of interaction: Social partners were defined as any beetle within 3 cm (i.e., approximately 2 body lengths) of the focal beetle.

Edge weight type: simple_ratio_index

Total duration of data collection: 12 days

Time resolution of data collection (within a day): 3.5 hours

Time span of data collection (within a day): few minutes

Note: Networks represent four control (C) and four treatment (T) groups recorded during �undisturbed� phase where individuals were allowed to interact with each other freely.




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Formica, Vincent, et al. "Consistency of animal social networks after disturbance." Behavioral Ecology (2016): arw128.