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Species: Macaca fuscata

Taxonomic class: Mammalia

Population type: semi-ranging

Geographical location: Arashiyama, Japan

Data collection technique: survey scan

Interaction type: dominance

Definition of interaction: The dominance relations between females were determined based on approach-retreat episodes around the food. The dominance range order was arranged based on these dyadic relations.

Edge weight type: frequency

Total duration of data collection: 6 months

Time resolution of data collection (within a day): 2 hours

Time span of data collection (within a day): focal follow/ad libitum





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Takahata, Yukio. "Diachronic changes in the dominance relations of adult female Japanese monkeys of the Arashiyama B group." The monkeys of Arashiyama. State University of New York Press, Albany (1991): 123-139.