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Species: Tiliqua rugosa

Taxonomic class: Reptilia

Population type: free-ranging

Geographical location: Kungara, South Australia

Data collection technique: logger

Interaction type: spatial proximity

Definition of interaction: Two lizards were assumed to had made a social contact if they were within 2 m of each other at any of the synchronized 10 min GPS locations.

Edge weight type: simple_ratio_index

Total duration of data collection: 120 days

Time resolution of data collection (within a day): 10 minutes

Time span of data collection (within a day): 24 hours





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Bull, C. M., S. S. Godfrey, and D. M. Gordon. "Social networks and the spread of Salmonella in a sleepy lizard population." Molecular Ecology 21.17 (2012): 4386-4392.