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The dataset refers to the 17 November Revolutionary Organisation, a Marxist urban guerrilla organization operating in Greece. The data refers to the specific temporal window which runs from 1975 to 2002. During these years the group has been responsible for several violent acts such as assassinations, kidnappings and symbolic attacks on government offices. The following has been reconstructed:

1) 2-mode matrix, binary, 15x12 persons by events. Ties are participation in terrorist events
2) 1-mode stacked matrices 18x18 persons by persons, binary
The original file presents a distinction among several types of relationships:
   1. Acquaintances/Distant family ties (interactions limited to radical organisation activities),
   2. Friends/Moderately close family ties (interactions extend beyond radical organisations to include such categories as co-workers and roommates). Operational/Organisational leadership (i.e. JI leadership, formally or informally ranking members of burgeoning cells).Operational Ties (i.e. worked closely on a bombing together).
   3. Close Friends/Family, Tight-knit operational cliques (would die for each other)
If one of these three types of relationships was present, it has been coded with 1.




list of igraph objects


Reconstructed at Manchester ( Freely available from