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This is a dichotomous adjacency matrix of drug users in Hartford. Ties are directed and represent acquaintanceship. The network is a result of two years of ethnographic observations of people's drug habits. NETWORK 1-mode matrix 293x293 person by person, directed ties. Relations are acquaintanceship. Attribute dataset includes ethnicity, gender. Ethnicity codes: 2 = African American; 3 = Puerto Rican/Latino; 1, 5, 6, 7 = white or other Gender codes: 1 = male; 2 = female; 0 = unknown




igraph object



WEEKS, M. R., CLAIR, S., BORGATTI, S. P., RADDA, K. & SCHENSUL, J. J. 2002. Social networks of drug users in high-risk sites: Finding the connections. AIDS and Behaviour, 6, 193-206.