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These data were drawn primarily from "Terrorism in Indonesia: Noordin's Networks," a publication of the International Crisis Group (2006) and include relational data on the 79 individuals listed in Appendix C of that publication. The data were initially coded by Naval Postgraduate School students as part of the course “Tracking and Disrupting Dark Networks” under the direction of Professor Sean Everton, Co-Director of the CORE Lab, and Professor Nancy Roberts. CORE Lab Research Assistant Daniel Cunningham reviewed and cleaned all coding made by students. NETWORK 1-mode stacked matrix 79 x 79 person by person. Ties are undirected. Ties include classmates; friendship; soulmates; co-location of logistical activity; co-attendance at meetings; co-participation in operations; co-attendance at training events; communications; business & financial ties. Codebook available here




list of igraph objects


Data is available in its original format from Manchester (


Roberts, Nancy and Sean F. Everton. 2011. Roberts and Everton Terrorist Data: Noordin Top Terrorist Network (Subset).

For a detailed analysis of Noordin top network see: Everton, S. F. (2012) Disrupting dark networks: Cambridge University Press. For a detailed explanation of matrices and the kind of relationship considered see the appendix of the book.