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Project Siren began in February 1998 when a port worker informed members of the CERVO group that a container of stolen vehicles had been recently shipped to Ghana. This shipment was subsequently seized at its transit point in Anvers, Belgium. This initial tip and action led to a close monitoring of the suspects involved in the shipment. The investigation continued for 4 months (to June 1998), during which time CERVO members monitored stolen-vehicle shipments intended for Russia, Egypt, Iraq, Italy, and Switzerland. Some vehicles were also resold in Toronto. Overall, 35 cars were retrieved according to the files that were consulted. NETWORK 1-mode matrix 44 x 44 person by person. Ties are undirected. Relations represent communication exchanges between criminals. Data comes from police wiretapping.




igraph object


Available from Manchester (, reconstructed from Morselli’s book, Inside Criminal Networks book page 187, Appendix


Morselli, C., 2009. Inside criminal networks. New York: Springer.