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Character Interaction Networks for the HBO Series "Game of Thrones" (Season 1-7). These networks were created by parsing fan-generated scripts from Pairs of characters are connected by (undirected) edges weighted by the number of interactions.

There are five interaction types. Character A and Character B are connected whenever:

Character A speaks directly after Character B
Character A speaks about Character B
Character C speaks about Character A and Character B
Character A and Character B are mentioned in the same stage direction
Character A and Character B appear in a scene together




list of igraph objects

Source, Downloaded from


Andrew Beveridge and Michael Chemers, "The Game of 'The Game of Thrones': Networked Concordances and Fractal Dramaturgy", in: Paola Brembilla and Ilaria De Pacalis (eds.), Reading Contemporary Serial Television Universes: A Narrative Ecosystem Framework, Routledge, 2018.