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These are the observational data on 14 Western Electric (Hawthorne Plant) employees from the bank wiring room first presented in Roethlisberger & Dickson (1939). The data are better known through a scrutiny made of the interactions in Homans (1950), and the CONCOR analyses presented in Breiger et al (1975).

The employees worked in a single room and include two inspectors (I1 and I3), three solderers (S1, S2 and S3), and nine wiremen or assemblers (W1 to W9). The interaction categories include: RDGAM, participation in horseplay; RDCON, participation in arguments about open windows; RDPOS, friendship; RDNEG, antagonistic (negative) behavior; RDHLP, helping others with work; and RDJOB, the number of times workers traded job assignments.

The dataset only includes the positive and negative ties, making it a signed network




igraph object



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